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Thanks for scheduling your Discovery Call.

I have sent you confirmation of your call time and date via email, please make sure that you put this in your calendar right now.

I will call you on the number you provided, at the precise time that you selected. Please make sure that you are ready when I call. If you are more than 5 mins late the call will be cancelled.

Please make sure that you are in a quiet room and away from distractions. If you take the call in a noisy location we will cancel the call with you.

I look forward to helping you BUILD your business and achieve massive success!



What Others Are Saying


Kim Trosper, Female Empowerment Coach

Cammie King, Transformation Coach

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“My time with Rich was awesome! He took me from zero confidence to completely in control of every call. He got to know me on a personal level, dug right into the parts of my beliefs and personality that were affecting my ability to communicate over the phone and taught me to hold my pride and authority even when the folks on the other side were challenging people. Next level coaching and 100% worth the investment.”

Stephen Hunt, online Coach

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“Rich is worth his weight in gold. His knowledge of sales and the relaxed approach has given me and my business the pathway to soar. He is what you see online. A true, honest and humble guy that will give you the right tools in a simplistic way to transform your business and your notion of what sales actually is. You are in safe hands”

Christopher Bramley, BramFit

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“I started working with Rich with huge confidence in my coaching but zero confidence in business or sales. I was focusing everything on improving myself as a businessman and forgetting about my core coaching skills and what was attracting folks to work with me. Rich simplified the business process with such precision that he identified I was struggling with imposter syndrome. He aligned my focus and rocketed my confidence in order to bring about my first £5k month in February 2019. I aim to continue working with Rich and strongly recommend him to anyone looking to make that step up to the next level.”

Scott maclean, kinetic 365 Coaching