Rich Wellington
Rich Wellington
FitPro Coach

What do you need help with?


I want to plan & organise all my social media like a pro.

I don't know what systems, software or gadgets i need in my business.

I want to stop wasting time and accomplish my goals everyday.

Struggling to thriving...

"They say things happen just as you need them and Rich was one of those things. I was in a very tough place and not only was my body and social life being affected, but also my my business.

I never really believed that talking to someone else would help, but there is something in the way Rich is that made it hard to hold anything back...he knows more about me than some of my own family do!

I now have tools and methods of acting and thinking that will keep my head above water. If I ever sink, well, I know Rich will be right there pulling me back up.

I honestly do not have enough words to thank him."

Nicole Vogwill -

Nicole Vogwill -