Rich Wellington
Rich Wellington
FitPro Coach

Struggling To Get Fitness Clients Consistently?

Learn My 3 Step Method To Sign 4-Figure Dream Clients Without Spending A Penny On Ads Or Funnels


Are you an awesome trainer struggling to get new clients consistently?

And you’re unsure why you get people saying “NO” or “I’LL THINK ABOUT IT" to your amazing service?

My name is Rich Wellington and I teach FitPros how to sign 4-figure clients organically in 90 days or less.

I’d love to invite you to a call with me personally, where you will learn how to;

  • Increase your prices and feel GREAT about it

  • Implement our “Organic High-Ticket Launch Formula”

  • Sell your services without being sleazy or SALESY


What Others Are Saying

Rich took me from £300/month to £5,000/month in 3 months from executing his plan & advice. I went from struggling to having an awesome business after leaving the Army.
— Jonny Collins, Optimal Male Consultant
Rich really hones in on the human aspect. I hate the snakey sales people and don’t want to be like that. So having a system that allows you to stay true to yourself is brilliant.
— Matt Davies, Tribe Training

“If you're on the fence, get off it and onto working with Rich.

You can't feed yourself with likes and followers and your business won't grow either.


And Rich "The Sales Beast" Wellington is the man who'll give you the formula.

Plus you'll have a laugh at the same time!”

Simon Mitchell, Iron Paradise Fitness


“The best way of describing Rich is as a sales coach/life coach all rolled into one.

He really is amazing. I’ve made an incredible amount of progress in the past three years.

But in the last eight months of working with him, I’ve made leaps I could only dream of.”

Katie Chaplin, MyType Nutrition

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“Rich has a natural way of communicating that is both calming and inviting. He’s given me a ton of confidence in my sales approach. After being at a conference with Rich, in two months I’ve done over $4k in sales and still growing. I’m a former science teacher with no sales training. Rich is the man!”